"About 86 percent of the passengers on business jets today..."

In Joe Sharkey's NY Times story on the increase in private jet travel, he writes:

For many years after the mid-1980’s, the business-jet industry had to break through cultural barriers largely stemming from the stereotype of a business-aircraft flier as a Master of the Universe commandeering a heavy-metal company jet to take the spouse, children and family poodle on a boondoggle to Aspen, Colo.

But the business is now mostly being driven by demand from customers who maintain a calculated balance between flying commercially and using a business jet.

“About 86 percent of the passengers on business jets today are middle management or sales or technical people, sometimes working in a team and needing to get somewhere and back quickly, often between points with very bad commercial air service,” said Roger Woolsey, chief executive of Million Air, a company that operates 32 terminals at business-aviation airports in the United States.

I wonder if this means that the likes of Mike Davis, Tim Moraghan and Tim Flaherty will get to use the USGA jet?