Opening Ceremonies Warning: Live Blog

Dave Seanor gives us an idea what to expect for tomorrow's Opening Ceremony, which will aspire to outdo the disaster at Oakland Hills, thus putting me into live blog mode here starting at at 7:30 a.m. Pacific time (at least that's when it comes on The Golf Channel).

Essential Information Dept.: Media briefing notes on the Sept. 21 opening ceremony include . . .

• "It will deliver the visual impact which one would typically associate with the opening of the Olympics."

• "Efforts have been concentrated on creating a visual and aural spectacle."

• "What are we trying to achieve? Establish the benchmark against which all future opening ceremonies and host nations of the Ryder cup will be judged."

Why do I have the funny feeling that the Van Morrison performance they got at the Gala Dinner will not be reported for the public ceremony?  That's right, the public wants to be tortured. I still say Michael Flatley will come spinning out!