Ryder Cup Clippings, Sunday Edition

ryder_cup_logo.jpgOne more day before we get to spend the next two years hearing about the U.S. team's efforts to build a stronger bond. Or maybe we'll get lucky and Captain Paul Azinger will just tell them to make more putts.

In the meantime, there are still 12 points up for grabs Sunday and anything can happen. Well, not if you ask the world's great inkslingers.

John Huggan offers capsules of Sunday's singles matches, which will probably be underway by the time you are reading this.  He also looks at Sergio's epic Ryder Cup play.

Chris Lewis is a guest contributor at the Scotsman's Sunday edition and he's trying to figure out how it came to be that the American rookies played great while the stars fizzled.

Doug Ferguson offers these capsules of Saturday's matches.

tiger_morning.jpgFor photo buffs, Golf Digest offers these images while Golfonline's best stuff from day 2 is posted here.

Golfweek's Alistair Tait is already declaring Ian Woosnam the superior captain for not screwing this up while Golf World's John Hawkins has already begun to figure out where it all went wrong.

The European Tour's George O' Grady is already assuring everyone that there will be plenty of nearby parking at Celtic Manor in Wales. Boy it must be bad at The K Club!

The Principal says the combination of monsoons and helicopters constantly flying in and out made The K Club feel more like Vietnam circa 1968 than Ireland. Incidentally, Arnold Palmer cited the impressive helicopter operation when talking on NBC about what a great job the Irish are doing this week.

Gee, I wonder how Arnie's getting to the course?

Speaking of Palmer, it seems he was charged he played Bandon Dunes recently, the first time since he was 17!  Thanks to reader Van for this from David Davies in the Telegraph:

Arnold Palmer, who designed this Ryder Cup course, earned a special tribute in Ian Woosnam's opening ceremony speech.

"He's been an inspiration to us all... a legend," Woosie said. Arnie is a famous face among sporting personalities in America, except, it seems, at the Bandon Dunes resort in Oregon. He arrived to have a look at the course which recently hosted the Curtis Cup and, on deciding to play, was asked: "How would you like to pay for this?" One credit card imprint later and Palmer, 77, remarked wryly to friends: "That's the first time I've paid to play golf since I was 17."

The Golfweek crew chimes in with various blog observations on Saturday's play.

Marina Hyde in The Guardian looks at Tom Lehman and his WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) bracelet along with other religious elements of his captaincy.

And finally, the BBC blog's Rob Hodgetts offers the best quotes of the day on the BBC blog.