Captain Woesnam

Poor Woosy, he's been practicing his Opening Ceremony speech since February and all he gets is a bunch of criticism and backstabbing in return!

John Hopkins reports on the lashing Woosie received from Thomas Bjorn, who insists it's not sour grapes, but instead, fury at Woosnam's lousy organizational skills.

“So far his captaincy has been the most pathetic I have ever seen,” Björn said. “I haven’t spoken to him for six months and now I find that I’m not in the team watching television. How can that be right? He has put a lot of players through misery because he just hasn’t done the right thing.

“I have nothing against Lee Westwood. But if you can find one category in which he has beaten me then I would like to see it. I have played better than him in the qualifying phase — and then Woosnam bases his decision on results which are more than five years old. I don’t understand the way he is handling the whole situation. It doesn’t look like he is burdened by leadership qualities.

“He came into the bar at the hotel and gave me 20 seconds about Lee having won twice at the K Club. In a bar — that kind of sums it up. He can’t walk up to me, tell me in 20 seconds and expect me to be happy. I’m very disappointed. I think he’s been very poor in the way he’s handled the players.”

Woosnam cited Westwood’s two victories at the K Club as being among the factors that influenced him, leaving unsaid that Björn ran up an 11 on the 17th in the final round of last year’s Smurfit European Open when he had begun the day four strokes clear of the field.

“If that’s what it’s come down to then why didn’t he tell me I don’t think you’ve got the bottle to stand on the 17th tee?” Björn asked. “Yes, Lee’s won twice there. But Nick Faldo and Seve Ballesteros won at Augusta and I don’t think they’d be picked if this Ryder Cup was being played there.

“Woosie played with me when I finished second at the K Club (in 2001) by finishing three-four-three (an eagle and two birdies). So I’ve had good experiences there, too. But if it’s come down to one bad one then why didn’t he tell me?”

Meanwhile, Woosnam is not happy that former Euro Captain Bernhard Langer has advised current U.S. Captain Tom Lehman. But it's Langer who is surprised that he hasn't been consulted by Woosnam! Gosh I love how these big men are getting in touch with their pre-school days!

"I can't understand why he has not asked me for advice or suggestions," Langer said in Munich. "Everyone is different and has their own tactics but the only thing I know about him (Woosnam) is that earlier in his career he had a wonderful swing."
Ooooohhhh, don't just love how the Ryder Cup brings out the sportsmanship and class?

Woosnam revealed he has sought the advice of two other past Ryder Cup captains, while Langar has been offering advice to friend and US team captain Tom Lehman.

The German claimed he held "a little bit" back in their chat but that still seems to have riled Woosnam.

"It seems strange to me that Tom Lehman asked to speak to Bernhard Langer," the Welshman said.

Hmmm...I wonder what it is that Langer and Lehman have in common?