"Synthesize new technologies and trends into impacts, opportunities, threats and ultimately, strategy."

Sounds like a job description at the Department of Homeland Security, right? Close! The PGA Tour, actually.

Reader Tom found some interesting positions opening up in Ponte Vedra, and I tell you, I'm polishing my resume as you read this. With my FedEx Cup messaging skills I just may have to say goodbye to the writing and course design world. Don't believe me?  Wouldn't you say I'd be a strong candidate for this one that lets you spend time with Ty Votaw or Bob Combs or some other VP:

POSITION OVERVIEW: Reporting to the Director of PR and Media Relations, this position is primarily responsible for development and implementation of the FedExCup messaging at each tournament site.


· Advise/counsel players regarding media opportunities.

I do that!

· Assist in development and implementation of weekly TOUR/FedExCup messaging.


· Pursue and develop story lines about our athletes and the FedExCup.

· Assist New York PR agency in telling story of our athletes and the FedExCup.

· Create “player personality” database.

Check, check, check.

· Compile advance story ideas for assigned tournaments.

Is that like propaganda for lazy writers and TV producers? That I'm not so good at.

· Focus on publicity efforts for upcoming events.

· Serve as PGA TOUR/FedExCup spokesmen in press conferences or radio/television interviews.

My calling!

· Serve as liaison between players and media and between PGA TOUR HQ staff and players.

· Provide media with background information and story ideas on players, FedExCup, officials, tournament, etc.

· Maximize publicity efforts for TOUR Marketing Partners.

· Handle special circumstances and requests from players, media, sponsors, or TOUR staff.

· Attend host broadcaster production meeting every week.

Would I get to bond with Bobby Clampett?


Education/Certification: Bachelors degree required, preferably in Communications, Journalism, Business Management or Marketing.

I knew that Communications degree from Pepperdine was good for something.

Experience: Must have a minimum of 3-5 years experience in Media Relations, Event Management, or Public Relations preferably in a professional golf environment.

Skill set requirements:

    * Strong Oral and Written Communication    

    * Relationship Building

My specialty!

    * Collaboration and Teamwork    

    * Creativity and Innovation

    * Judgement    

    * Negotiating

    * Networking

    * Political Savvy

Done deal!

Wait, there is also this one...

POSITION OVERVIEW: Serves as main point of contact at TOUR for a sub-set of TOUR’s Official Marketing Partner relationships – many of which with Fortune 500 corporations. Plays a leadership role in the management of a portfolio of relationships.

I've always wanted my own portfolio of sub-set relationships.

§ Has responsibility for management of a portfolio of relationships valued at $30 – $50M

§ Has responsibility for monitoring contractual elements to ensure they are fully executed by TOUR and Partner

§ Has responsibility for maximizing revenue to TOUR via media, tournament, network, player spending from assigned Marketing Partners and grow even beyond the contractual requirements

Because after all, this is a non-profit organization.

§ Responsible for renewing the Partner (or finding a suitable replacement)

§ Develops strong and positive relationships with portfolio of Marketing Partners with objective of attaining high sponsor satisfaction

§ Responsible for having a deep understanding of Partners’ businesses and industries

Key word: deep.

§ Works closely with client on development of PR, promotion, advertising and relationship-building plans to ensure Partner fully leverages its relationship with PGA TOUR

I think it's well established that I'm all about leveraging brands.

§ Works with assigned Partners to implement TOUR-themed advertising and promotion which is prominent and delivers strong brand-building value to TOUR

§ Responsible for strategically identifying TOUR initiatives that fit the Partners’ objectives and selling concepts in to Partners

§ Monitors portfolio of Partner relationships and ensures that TOUR touches all levels of management at Partner (from day-to-day to CEO) and guides interaction between TOUR and Partner senior management

§ Responds to various Partner requests quickly and thoroughly and provides excellent service

Would you get the CMO another gin and tonic please?

You know, maybe not. But wait, I think this next one screams me!

POSITION OVERVIEW: The Manager will work very closely with the New Media Director to spot marketplace trends, evaluate new business opportunities, manage existing syndication partnerships and help close new deals and renewals.


    * Renew and manage existing New Media partnerships.
    * Negotiate and close New Media deals in the U.S. and international markets.
    * Support analysis and create deliverables for larger partnership opportunities (e.g. RFP’s, presentations, models, draft of terms etc)

Hmmm...deliverables? Is creating a deliverable, like, you know, like, FedExing the Commissioner's broken wedge to Cleveland for overnight repair?

    * Research and evaluate new partnership opportunities -- investigate new ideas and prospects for validity, merits and potential.
    * Gather market research across the new media landscape, both U.S. and international – synthesize new technologies and trends into impacts, opportunities, threats and ultimately, strategy.

Ohhhhh!!! That's a winner. Synthesize new technologies and trends into impacts, opportunities, threats and ultimately, strategy. I think you get the job if you know what that means. Especially the threats part.

    * Develop and update monthly New Media newsletter summarizing trends and events that affect The Tour.

Ooops. That's TOUR, not The Tour. Sloppy branding I tell you!

    * Provide and assist with day-to-day communication with our strategic partner, Turner Sports Interactive. Help build network of contacts at TSI.


Education/Certification: BA/BS or equivalent required/MBA is a plus

Oh is it ever a plus.