Klein Headed For Caddie HOF

Add multiple points to the Rapture Index, Golfweek's Brad Klein is headed for the PCA Worldwide Caddie Hall of Fame.

Bradley S. Klein, Ph.D.- 52, resident of Bloomfield, Conn.
Klein is a former PGA Tour and club caddie and a longtime advocate for caddies worldwide. A respected golf industry leader, he is the architecture editor for Golfweek and founding editor of SuperNews. He is author of "Rough Meditations: from Tour Caddie to Golf Course Critic, an Insider's Look at the Game" where he devotes an entire section to caddying and the history of caddying. PCA Worldwide was honored by the fact that a majority of the caddies mentioned in Klein's book are former inductees in the PCA Worldwide Caddie Hall of Fame.

Klein owes part of his success to caddying. His hard work and determination qualified him to become a recipient of the Long Island Caddie Scholarship Fund in 1971, which enabled him to attend college and earn a Bachelor's degree and eventually a Ph.D. in political science. While in graduate school and even afterwards, Klein caddied on the PGA Tour, 1976-1986. He has combined his love of golf and writing in form of numerous articles, not only about course design but often about caddying.

Besides His book "Rough Meditations" he is the author of four other books, including "Discovering Donald Ross," which won the USGA International Book Award. Klein, is an expert in golf course architecture and at Golfweek he oversees the "Golfweek's Best" golf course rating program that publishes annual lists of the top-100 Classic and Modern courses. He is a frequent keynote speaker at allied golf association meetings in the United States and Canada.