Johnny On "Hall of Fame Guys"

Here's another nugget from Jaime Diaz's Golf Digest piece on televised golf. He's talking to Johnny Miller about his relationship with Tiger:

Miller's relationship with Woods, for example, is respectful from afar. "Tiger's not a chummy guy, and I'm not a chummy guy," says Miller. "Hall of Fame guys are not really talkative with other males, you know. But I've treated Tiger fairly, said what I had to say." Despite not having a great voice or being much of a wordsmith, Miller has an uncanny instinct for seeing what's most interesting about the game.

I guess since Tiger's never shot 63 in a major, Johnny couldn't refer to "63-in-a-major guys."

And you know, come to think of it, I've sensed the same kind of lack of chumminess at golf tournaments since my third place finish in the Golf Writer's Association of America writing contest. Golf Writer's Award winners just aren't talkative with other award winning males, you know.