"It's soft rolling hills in Jackie Kennedy horse country. It's designed for majors..."

Michael McCarthy files a nauseating puff piece on Donald Trump's desire to bring a U.S. Open to Trump Bedminster.

"Literally every single aspect of (Bedminster) has been designed for the highest standards of the USGA," says the 60-year-old tycoon-turned-TV-star of NBC's "The Apprentice." "It's 20 minutes from the Lincoln Tunnel. It's soft rolling hills in Jackie Kennedy horse country. It's designed for majors - and I'd be honored to have them.
Soft rolling hills in Jackie Kennedy horse country. You have to love The Donald! 
"The only thing that would stop Donald is the USGA being terrified he'll upstage the tournament by grandstanding - which he probably will," says Eamon Lynch, senior editor of Golf Magazine. "There's no question Bedminster can handle a U.S. Open. But some people will oppose anything Donald Trump is involved in. Why? Because golf is still full of stuffy people with cravats and blue blazers. They frown at anything that wasn't in existence when Old Tom Morris (a four-time British Open champion and golf pioneer in the 19th century) was playing the game.""

I know, how lame of golf to want to cling to the past when when its present could be represented by that bastion of class, Donald Trump!

And I guess this is why he makes $600,000 a year...

David Fay, executive director of the USGA, is a member of the private club and plays frequently, says Trump. And what a coincidence: Trump has placed Fay's locker right across from his own in a private corner of the men's clubhouse.

Fay is a man of the people...is he closing in on the 14-club limit?

The Bedminster course, nicknamed "Trumpminster" by Sports Illustrated, passes all the benchmarks to host a major, says the course's designer, Tom Fazio.

He would know, with all the major championship venues courses that he's messed up  claimed to have restored  designed worked with.