"It's a very rare to find a cross- promotional partner that shares so many brand attributes"

It's official, with this latest bit, I'm starting a Corporatespeak category. I just can't keep up with the latest lingo and what better way to relive the doublespeak than with a its very own journal topic listing.

Greg Hardwig in the Naples News shares these gems from Ed Kiernan of Peter Jacobsen Productions, talking about engineering the USGA-Lexus partnership.

"It's a very rare to find a cross- promotional partner that shares so many brand attributes, but in this instance we have found it," said Ed Kiernan, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Peter Jacobsen Productions.

"The key factors to fostering this relationship stem from Lexus' ongoing commitment to the game and their unwavering support of golf at all levels. The four USGA championships provide Lexus with a one-of-a-kind marketing platform to reach multiple stakeholders through tailored events, select ticket and hospitality opportunities, dealer engagement, co-branded promotions and critically important premium experiences."

Here's the buried money quote on the real reason behind the USGA partnership...

"It's a sizable deal. It's a big deal," Kiernan said. "They bought a sizable NBC package as well. ...


"It's really going to mirror what they've done with the USTA (United States Tennis Association) and the U.S. Tennis Open."

And we know what great shape the USTA is in. Love the corporate banners all over the place too. Hope we get the same interaction opportunities at golf's U.S. Open.

Last month, American Express became the USGA's first corporate partner in its 112-year history.

One of the byproducts of that deal was that American Express card members could purchase sold-out Trophy Club tickets to the 2007 U.S. Open at Oakmont.

"We are pleased to play a part in this historic union between golf's governing body and the top-selling luxury nameplate in the U.S.," Kiernan said.

Bet you are jotting that one down right now. Top selling luxury nameplate...priceless.