History In The Making!

I sat through as little of The Golf Channel's GOLF CHANNEL's opening day coverage as I could. Not that it was bad from a technical point of view or that the announcing was lousy. In fact, the production values seemed fairly solid. The hole diagrams they employed are better than anything the networks do.

No, it was the relentlessness with which the TGC GC and the PGA Tour branding the FedEx Cup as something historic that had me pawing around for the remote.

But, such embarrassingly relentless promotion and staged history ops do have their moments.

After finishing out his opening round, all 10 of us viewers had to hear how K.J. Choi would be signing his ball and would become the first player to drop his autographed pellet into the Tiffany-designed FedEx Cup, which would then receive all of the first round signed balls from the likes of Will Mackenzie and Brett Wetterich, before being flown back to the World Golf Hall of Fame where legions will stroll by in awe.

Well, after Kelly Tilghman's breathless setup of this momentus occassion, K.J. is standing there inscribing that first all important entry into Cup history as a photographer documents the moment. And then out of nowhere, Adam Scott quietly puts the history in perspective by quickly dropping his ball in the cup like a marshall placing a Snickers wrapper in a trash bin.

Goose bumps here in Santa Monica, I tell you.