Weir Wins! Salt Lake City Ticker Tape Parade Next?

presidents%20cup.jpgI tell you, the President's Cup tension was just too much for me to take. Especially since it was clear and 78 with 2 mph winds out of the east and the forecasted gusts to 3 mph never materializing here in the community recognized around the world as the home of the homeless.

But from what I saw fast forwarding on TiVo, the Villages ads were almost as spontaneous as the NBC announce team's  surprise when Woody Austin pulled out the snorkeling gear on 14. Amazing how the cameraman knew to stay on him! And the guys in the replay truck were ready with the clip of Woody's lake dive! Those guys are good!

Here's the AP (Doug Ferguson?) game story focusing largely on Mike Weir and his win over Tiger. No mention of possible celebratory events in his home state of Utah.'s's Melanie Hauser says Weir's win makes him a "national hero" and that fans got to see "the moment of a lifetime." In the same piece, Gary Player is quoted stating that this win might turn Weir's life around. Like it was so bad before!

sept30_woodyaustin_600x493.jpgSI's Michael Bamberger writes that Rory Sabbatini and Woody Austin became team players this week. Hopefully they'll go back to being themselves next week. Gary Van Sickle looks at Austin's quickly expanding infamy.

Golf World's Jim Moriarty offers a few behind the scenes observations while Ron Sirak tries to understand why the American's can win the President's Cup but not the Ryder Cup.

The circumstances that built the intensity of the Ryder Cup were real. It is a feeling that cannot be manufactured. Though it goes pretty much unacknowledged by both sides, the U.S. teams goes into the Ryder Cup knowing how Europe feels. That builds the intensity of the event. What Europe does well is embrace that intensity while the Americans -- burdened by their better resumes -- feel the pressure of being the team that is supposed to win but just can't seem to get the job done.

The Presidents Cup was created in 1994 because of the power shift in the game to the Pacific Rim. Greg Norman, Ernie Els, Jumbo Ozaki, Steve Elkington and others were just too good to be left out of such compelling team competitions. were some financial considerations, too. Charitable ones of course.