Gary Player Finally Condemned For His Course Design Work...

tn_2007-10-09T110012Z_01_NOOTR_RTRIDSP_2_OZASP-MYANMAR-MANDELA-GOLF-20071009.jpg...and they didn't even see the courses in question.

Oh that Desmond Tutu...from Reuters:

South Africa's former Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu had urged a boycott of Player over his involvement in a property development in Myanmar.

Last month, Myanmar's military rulers sent in soldiers to end the biggest pro-democracy protests since 1988, rounding up and arresting scores of people. Official media say 10 people died in the crackdown, although Western governments say the toll could be higher.


The Mandela fund said it was not fully aware of Player's involvement in Myanmar nor the political impact of this involvement.

Player denies Gary Player Design has profited from developments in Myanmar, and argues he only became involved there when it appeared political repression had eased.

"I am very disappointed that my integrity and support for human rights has been brought into question," Player said in a statement. "The company's involvement in the design of a golf course has been taken entirely out of context."