Bearing Point Out Before It's Ever In

You may recall a post about Bearing Point taking over for Nissan as sponsor of the L.A. Open. It was based on Thomas Bonk's story in the L.A. Times, confirmed prematurely by Riviera's Michael Yamaki.

Now, you may wonder why this is of interesting since most people around here will still call it the L.A. Open.

In that post I speculated that Phil Mickelson's bizarre outburst at Tim Finchem following the Deutsche Bank had something to do with the PGA Tour (rightfully) rejecting an idea to make Mickelson the player host of a Bearing Point Open.

Well, now I'm wondering just a bit more since it's not exactly a well kept secret that Bearing Point will not be sponsoring the L.A. Open, but instead, several sources reveal that Northern Trust will be taking over for Nissan.