Stevie The "Sportsman" Makes Massive Donation

You know when a caddie is making $1 million donations and establishing his own foundation, that his loop is just really, really good. Especially since the looper in question has about as much personality as...oh how dare I? He loves children:

Williams announced the donation to hospital staff, patients and their families during a holiday in New Zealand.

"My wife Kirsty and I decided we wanted the foundation to support another area that was in real need, where we could make a big difference," Williams said.

"We talked to the Starship Foundation and were immediately sold on the Starship cancer ward.
This left me confused:
Williams has been caddie to Woods, the world golf No.1, since 1999, and is one of the highest-earning New Zealand sportsmen.

Sportsmen? Did he win the World Camera Tossing contest? When did caddying become a sport? 

He is also a New Zealand speedway motor racing champion.

Oh, sorry.