PGA Tour Driving Distance Watch, Two Weeks To Go Edition

pgatour.jpgLast time we checked during week 20, the boys were clearly working out less because the PGA Tour driving distance average dropped to a pathetic 284.7 average, nearly 5 yards off last year's final average.

It had nothing to do with the wet and cold encountered early in the year. Nope. No way. 

But I'm glad to report that the cardio work and the flax cream massages helped bump the PGA Tour driving distance average to exactly 290 with two weeks to go. 

Though I must say the boys have lost their strength when it comes to 400-yard+ drives. Only 26 this year, compared to 30 400-yarders or more in 2006. Still time to act though!

As for players averaging over 300 yards, 2006 saw 21 do that while in 2007, a measly 23 are over the 300 average barrier, with four others just on the verge of breaking the 300 barrier.

In a few weeks we'll have the final word on drives over 350 yards, but right now it looks like they are on track to beat last year's total of 2,183

See, the numbers are once again down like USGA President Walter Driver says!

What does all of this mean?

Why, the USGA/R&A inaction has worked. By continuing to study the ball for another year while having machines test grooves using wet newspaper clippings to determine that grooves are in fact the real problem, our governing bodies have fixed the problem that they said did not exist.

With driving distances not leveling off and an 11-yard pick up since 2002 when they said there must not be any "further significant increases", golf courses can keep bearing the brunt of the costs associated with increases that are not happening while the gov bods can keep giving the impression they are acting on behalf of the game.

Meanwhile, the PGA Tour gets to spend a lot of money and annoying time testing for performance enhancing drug use instead. Oh the rest of us will have to go shopping for conforming v-grooved irons and wedges.