Daly Delivers Consistency: Registers Season-Leading 6th WD

Okay, it's not Tiger chasing Jack's 18 or Snead's 82, but according to Craig Dolch, he's leading the tour in WD's with his Ginn Classic bail out.

Meanwhile Steve Elling says the Tour's obviously not fining him enough, then dares to go where few have thought to venture, boldly questioning how fans can keep loving the guy when he pulls this stuff. I also like this point, which does punch a hole in the regular guy persona that Daly has been abusing:

He's become an affront to the credibility of the PGA Tour and has offered repeated slaps to the face of those buying tickets to watch him. Moreover, his behavior is offensive to players who could have better maximized the notable number of wasted, and mostly undeserved, opportunities that Daly received this year from various sponsors.

Nobody received more largesse than his largeness.

Daly, playing mostly on sponsor exemptions because he didn't finished in the top 125 in earnings last year, won't reach the financial threshold again this year, either. He was at No. 182 entering the week, despite playing a full schedule of 24 events. He has been reduced to seeking handouts from title sponsors to get into their fields.

That latter figure means a couple of things. Firstly, many tournament directors are lining up to give him exemptions into their events, because they know that fans buy tickets to watch Daly's seemingly inevitable train wreck. And, second, it underscores that he remains the biggest quitter active in the game today, if that's not an oxymoron.

To wit, Sunday marked his sixth withdrawal of the year.

 He didn't give a reason for quitting but didn't report any injury or illness, a tour media official said. According to tour rules, he has 30 days to send a letter to tour brass outlining his reasoning, which will be reviewed. He faces a possible fine if his excuse doesn't pass muster. Whatever the dollar amount figures to be, and the tour has never disclosed its fines, it clearly hasn't been enough to modify his behavior. He should be booted on general principle for conduct unbecoming a professional.