Where's Marty Hackel When You Need Him? Vol. 397

Accidentally clicking on a link in an attempt to get another broken link to work, I stumbled upon one of those CBS-Golf Digest Rules of the Game deals and was thoroughly impressed with the look cultivated for Bobby Clampett, though I'm guess it wasn't the handiwork of Golf Digest's intrepid style guru Marty Hackel.

The sagging green shirt he picked up at a Las Vegas Golf factory store, complete with a circa 1997 below the elbow cut. Then there's the fully branded, certificate of authenticity verified Dale Earnhardt Commemorative Edition shades straight from Walmart (to cut down on glare), and of course, the sweat stains for a touch of Central Florida post-Villages golf outing gritty.

Please, I know Marty's on the road too much as it is, but can we get him to do one of those fashion rehab things with Clampett (minus the $520 belt).