Gggggggg's Baaaaack!

kennyG_T1.jpg Kenny G is back at Ontario's Nationwide event to take up a spot that could be used by someone trying to make a living at this nutty game. But as Jill Painter reports, Kenny's got an album to plug.
Kenny G used to own a plus-.6 handicap, but he's played only four or five rounds this year. He has used 2007 to focus on music and will release an album - "Rhythm and Romance" - on Valentine's Day next year. It's his first Latin album.

"I'm super excited," said Kenny G, who's sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. "When I made my first Christmas record, I made it because I couldn't find a Christmas record I liked. It's the same thing with the Latin record. There were a lot that I liked but not a lot I could put on and get into a certain vibe.

"This is very romantic and very rhythmical. It has a lot more tempo than most records I've done."

That's saying a lot.
The tempo of his golf swing isn't Kenny G's only thing this week. He was scheduled to play a charity concert Tuesday night as part of the week's golf activities.

"I'm totally flattered they think I can add some value to the tournament," he said. "My music performance raises money for charity, and I'm good enough (golfer) to not embarrass them by using a sponsor's exemption."

Wow, and you thought the last Monday charity event you played in was a long day. Imagine 6 hours at Empire Lakes followed by a Kenny G concert?