Verdi: FedEx Cup Changes Finalized

I get the week off, but I don't get the possible change of heart on the deferred compensation...

If ratified, the playoffs will be held as follows: The Barclays in New York Aug. 18-24, Deutsche Bank in Boston Aug. 25-Sept. 1, and the BMW Championship in St. Louis Sept. 2-7. As first reported in the Sept. 21 issue of Golf World, the Tour Championship, originally scheduled for the following week, would then be contested later in Atlanta.

The board also will address the Fed Ex Cup payoff, which was $10 million deferred to the champion, Tiger Woods, in its initial year. One possibility is that a substantial amount--perhaps as much as $9 million--will be issued up front. In addition, the board will study a proposal to decrease the size of playoff fields to 120 at Barlcays, 90 at Deutsche Bank, and 60 at the BMW. The field for the Tour Championship is expected to remain at 30.