"Never, ever touch a Tour player's clubs."

Golfweek's November 10th Forecaddie writes that some USGA staffers were at the Ginn sur Mer Classic to check out the grooves of PGA Tour players.

The USGA has spent almost three years collecting data on grooves and some see the testing at Tesoro as the next step in possible rules changes to modify grooves.

The USGA tested roughly 30-40 sets of clubs by making a small plastic mold impression on the face of the irons and wedges. The tests were random and were not supposed to involve the players, although some bristled at the procedure.

"I'm on the putting green and this guy comes up and starts messing with my clubs," said Tour player David Branshaw. "I don't know what they were looking for, but they got that blue stuff [the substance the USGA used to take the mold] all over the grips. Took me an hour to rub all that stuff of."

The USGA must have forgotten the three "don'ts" in life. Don't tug on Superman's cape; don't play money games against someone with a "traveling handicap;" and never, ever touch a Tour player's clubs.

They're such consensus builders!

Way to get players on board with a controversial rule change.