Escena On Hold?

7197671_BG3.jpgThanks to reader Scott for noticing this Palm Springs TV station story and Escena web site notice that would seem to indicate a very strange turn of events for a much anticipated desert course with some huge names in the golf course and home development business apparently backing out just weeks before a scheduled opening.
David Young, a subcontractor with MK Development, said he worked on the Escena clubhouse. "Three weeks away from finishing the job and the general contractor told me that Lennar had told them to shutdown," he said. Young said he was never paid for the work. "They owe me $72,000 dollars and they're not talking to me. I'm following up with an actual lien."

Meanwhile, golf course operations are closed. Troon Management oversees the golf course. They would not confirm if the closure is for temporary reseeding or if it's indefinite.

Frank Winsor, a potential homebuyer, is currently in escrow. Winsor said he had remained optimistic until he heard the news about the golf course. "[I heard] the management company running the golf course turned off the water. They're turning off the power tomorrow," he said. "[I'm] still confident someone is going to pull it together," he added.

One Escena prospect said it's not Lennar that is planning on pulling out of the project. He was told that it was the community's master planner who was pulling out.