“I think it sends out a devastating message that if you want to do big business don’t do it in the north-east of Scotland.”

Thanks to all the readers who sent the story of Donald Trump's planned Scottish course getting shot down by the Aberdeenshire Council. Here's the unbylined Guardian story, but this Louise Hosie and Matt Dickinson story for the Scottish Press Association was the most detailed, but I can't find it online to link.

The casting vote on whether to reject or defer the decision was made by committee chairman Martin Ford after a 7-7 deadlock.

Mr Ford warned members it would be a “grotesque mistake” to grant the application without any negotiation and voted to reject the application.

Shell-shocked George Sorial, Mr Trump’s right-hand man who was in Aberdeen for the meeting, spoke of his disappointment, also warning that the decision sent out a “devastating” message against doing business in north-east Scotland.

He said: “Obviously we are very disappointed.

“It is our position that the council has failed to adequately represent the voice and opinion of the people of Aberdeen and the shire who are ultimately the losers here.”

Mr Sorial added of the decision: “I think it sends out a devastating message that if you want to do big business don’t do it in the north-east of Scotland.”

Mr Trump’s team could now appeal to Scottish ministers, with the prospect of a lengthy public inquiry over the development a possibility.

Mr Sorial said they were “not sure” if they would make an appeal.

“I think we have been very frank all along – we do have options elsewhere in the UK and we will sit down now and look at that,” he said.

“We haven’t made a formal decision yet.”

This might explain what kind of people you're dealing with on the council:

Passionate arguments for and against the resort were heard during the meeting at the council headquarters in Aberdeen. Councillor Albert Howie said the chance for Aberdeenshire to have an international complex of this kind was an opportunity not to be missed.

“A golf course is a beautiful thing. They are an improvement to what, to me, is wasteland.

Beautiful dunes a wasteland? Obviously he hasn't been to Las Vegas.

But Councillor Alastair Ross said the council must play “hardball” with the Trump Organisation and refuse the application.“It is an economic investment – it is property speculation,” he said.“We are open for business but we have to do business that is good for Aberdeenshire – not at any price.”

His views were echoed by Councillor Debra Storr.“This is a very strange development, very outwith the ethos of the north-east of Scotland,” she said.“I have no faith in the application.