"The procedure is strict and more than a little humiliating."

112807doc.jpgThe WSJ's Skip Rozin pens an op-ed piece on the ins-and-outs of drug testing, focusing on the standards labs face. Here's something the PGA Tour's finest have to look forward thanks to all of that hard work they've put in at the gym to help them hit it longer in spite of their equipment:
The procedure is strict and more than a little humiliating. The athlete is accompanied to the testing area by a trained collector of the same gender and provides the sample within plain view. Quoting from WADA regulations: "The athlete must remove all clothing between the waist and mid-thigh, in order that the witness has an unobstructed view of sample provision." The athlete then watches as the sample is split into two bottles--labeled "A" and "B"--sealed in a package to be shipped to the lab.