Newsflash From The City: Monty and Faldo Still Can't Stand Each Other

Preferring to keep the matter a public spectacle, Monty penned a Telegraph column where he not only stirs the pot, but also reveals how to gain 20 yards without lifting a weight or injecting your rump with steroids. Hint: buy Yonex!

First, here's where he makes clear that Nick Faldo's Christmas card has not arrived the lead to the column no less:

Since Marc Warren and I won the World Cup for Scotland at the weekend, I've had one or two people ask whether Nick Faldo would have been taking note of what happened in China. As next year's Ryder Cup captain, he would almost certainly have been looking at the progress of all of the European players, especially since this was a team tournament. I know that if I was the captain, I would have been riveted by events at Mission Hills.

As is well known, Nick and I had a difference of opinion as to whether I was a good team member in the Seve Trophy a couple of months ago. When people pitched in to say what I would have said myself - that my commitment in a team situation has never been less than 100 per cent - I was able to stay out of things to a degree.

We haven't been in touch since but I really don't think that matters. We have known each other for years and have a lot of shared history and I am confident that both of us can move on from here without anything being said.

And what better way to make that clear to Nick than in a widely read newspaper column!

But more importantly... 
On the three days we played with South Africa, there were occasions when Retief Goosen, who is one of our longer hitters, was looking at me in mingled astonishment and disbelief.

You know, I could touch that one, but I won't. Not when you get insights like this.

He was staggered that I was not just up with him off the tee but often hitting the shorter iron into the green. In the last round, for example, I hit a six-iron more than 200 yards to pave the way for the eagle at the 15th which put us ahead of the Americans for the first time.

I'm not about to pretend that it's all down to the work I've been doing in the gym.

Car washing

The truth is that it's due to the 2008 version of my Yonex clubs. Both with the woods and the irons I'm getting an extra 20 yards.

Wow, check the grooves on those babies!

It really is exciting to be adding yards rather than subtracting them at my age.

So very, very exciting.