"The diamond in our jewelry was the PGA Tour"

Tim Rosaforte catches up with Don McGuire, ousted as head of Golf Channel programming and development. 

Industry sources have indicated that Thompson hopes to create new programming and may be looking to hire an executive with experience in that area. In other words, developing more shows like The Big Break that can draw ratings during the hours when The Golf Channel is not broadcasting its 15-year investment potentially worth several billion dollars. "The diamond in our jewelry was the PGA Tour," McGuire said. "That was 100 percent of our focus in 2007. That was the mandate from the top down."

Judging by this, things are looking good for the reality show I've been hoping to pitch TGC: a group of hot models and even hotter Big Break rejects are asked to run a Nationwide Tour day care center to find out who will be the last to break into tears. The winner gets to babysit the Mickelson children during next spring's educational trip to Dubai. Thoughts?