Royal Melbourne Deals With Severe Drought

0,,5806772,00.jpgThanks to reader Mark for this Bruce Matthews story on the extreme measures taken at Royal Melbourne to help get through a drought.
A convoy of tankers will cart water to Royal Melbourne to keep the world-famous golf course alive over summer.

It will cost the club an estimated $100,000 each week to buy the recycled water from Melbourne Water's western treatment plant at Werribee.
"We are unable to water fairways at all with our current water allocations and we can only rely on rain," club captain Peter Sutherland said in last month's club newsletter.

"If the situation worsens, the (club's) council may need to reduce traffic on the courses to prevent long-term damage."

Events on the club's calendar this month, such as the Victorian amateur championship starting today, will go ahead at this stage.

"We don't back away from the fact there are areas of the fairways that are particularly dry and obviously lacking good (grass) coverage. But it's something you have to accept in these conditions, that they will take a while to recover," Richardson said.