"The entire business 'smelled of sleaze'"

I'm not well versed in Scotland's political system, but by the sounds of this Kate Devlin story in the Telegraph, The Donald's victory in Aberdeenshire is going to be scrutinized and could unravel.

The SNP leader is accused of breaking regulations by meeting representatives of the developer the day before his ministers announced they would make the final decision on the project, previously rejected by Aberdeenshire county council.

Damagingly, the proposed development is in his Gordon constituency and Mr Salmond claims he met the Trump team only in his capacity as MSP.

He also insists that he had no knowledge that his ministers were about to "call in" the application because, as a local MSP, he is barred from knowing anything of the process.

It also emerged that members of the Trump Organisation were in the office of Scotland's chief planner when he called the council to discuss ways to resurrect the application.

Last week Mr Stephen, himself an MSP for the Aberdeen area, told the First Minister that the entire business "smelled of sleaze".