"Unless Rory has a death wish, he better donate that money to Woods' charity, the tournament beneficiary."

Steve Elling and Ross Devonport debate the issues, with both agreeing that Rory Sabbatini needs to give back his Target World Challenge winnings.

Speaking of which, does anyone else find it odd that in our little 24/7 world, Rory's agent has not made sure to let every golf writer know that his client has decided to turn his winnings over to the foundation?  Here we are several days removed from his WD and the ensuing fallout, and not a word on his web site.

Does this mean he's sticking to his shin splits defense?

You have to figure if there is no gesture on Sabbatini's part soon, he will be the focus of media coverage at Kapalua. And that won't be pretty if he makes it into the interview room.