Winged Foot Says Sayonara To The USGA...Again? **

I think they did something like this after the 1984 U.S. Open, though this split sounds a bit nastier.

Thanks to reader Steven T. for Richard Johnson's Page Six piece for Sunday's New York Post:

December 30, 2007 -- AT a heated closed-door meeting just before Christmas, steamed members of the fabled Winged Foot Golf Club in Westchester overwhelmingly refused to extend another invitation to the US Golf Association for the 2015 US Open Championship. The stunning rejection came in a 340-162 vote - a clear sign of frustration over the nuisances caused by the 2006 US Open.

Gee, I can't imagine why people would be upset at losing one of the premier courses in the land for corporate tents.

USGA reps fueled resentment by telling club members at the meeting that "The Foot" would be paid even less money to host the huge televised tourney than in 2006, when the tony club was compelled to take the money-losing US Amateur in order to land the Open.
Take less money? Wow, I knew times were tough in Far Hills, but isn't that a bit much on the frugal front?
The vote was also a stinging rejection of the leadership of Winged Foot president Leonard Horan, whose autocratic style alienated younger members. Page Six has learned the Winged Foot board last month declined to invite Horan to stand for re-election at the Jan. 13 annual meeting and turned down his recommendation of a handpicked successor. Now, members of the legendary golf mecca are gearing up to fight a 20 percent increase in dues, a final "gift" from Horan.

I would never want to be a club that would have any human being for a member.