"I wouldn't mind that."

Thanks to readers Adam and Jon for catching Tiger's appearance on CNBC to plug the latest swollen spatula from Nike. You can see the video here, but be warned, lots of lame questions from giggly anchors.

I loved that Tiger pointed out how this latest ugly thing you won't find in his bag "sounds a lot better."

Eric Pfahler writes up the interview but mysteriously leaves out a key, key comment.

While other professional sports have standardized equipment, golfers have lots of leeway, though there is some debate about using a standardized golf ball.

“I don’t see how we could get the entire industry to (believe) and go with that,” Woods said. “There would be some serious fighting going on if that was the case because that’s what separates us from other sports.

“It could happen. Augusta threatened to do it, but they just lengthened the golf course so we’re playing from downtown Augusta. We’ll see what happens down the road.”

Whatever technological advances there are in the future could change the game even more, Woods said.

“Seven years, our entire industry’s changed,” Woods said. “How’s it going to be 15 years from now? I don’t know.” 

But this kinda key answer was left out, as you'll see on the video.

Asked about a ball rollback:

"I wouldn't mind that."

Works for me!