Strange Bedminster Fellows?

Another USGA-related beauty from Golfweek's Forecaddie:

The Man Out Front was hanging around the Bada Bing in "Joisey" a few weeks back when he ran into an intriguing "meeting" at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster; U.S. Golf Association president Walter Driver, incoming prez Jim Vernon, director of competitions Mike Davis and, later, the USGA's new chief business officer, Peter Bevacqua, were busy touring the place in carts with The Donald himself.

The Forecaddie has heard rumblings that Trump actually has considered leaving the golf course in his will to the USGA (with money set aside for operations) in exchange for a commitment to stage a U.S. Open there in his lifetime. 

So gang, if you are the USGA, would you take such an offer? 

And are they really strange bedfellows at this point?