"Do you ever swing the club as hard as you can?"

Thanks to reader Steven T. for this Craig Dolch story recapping Tiger's Monday clinic in Palm Beach where he faced tough scrutiny from the assembled media:

What was your favorite statistic this year?

"Seven wins," Woods said.

Michael (Jordan) used to throw away his shoes after every basketball game? How long do you wear your shoes?"

"Michael did give his shoes away after only one game," Woods said. "But in golf, once you break your shoes in, you want to keep them. I probably keep them for three months."

What type of a grip do you use?

"I use an interlocking grip," he said. "I used a baseball grip until I was 4. But I use different grips when I chip, depending on the shot."

Do you ever swing the club as hard as you can?

"I try not to go much over 90 percent," he said. "You can try and generate more clubhead speed, but I've found the ball goes the farthest when you hit it flush. If you swing hard and don't hit it flush, it goes out there like a 3-iron."