"We’d like to see the groove configuration requirements changed."

Commissioner Finchem, in a Q&A with Michael Arkush at Yahoo:

Arkush:  Where you do stand on the heavily-debated technology issue? Does the game need a uniform ball?
Finchem: I don’t think we need a uniform ball. The whole ball controversy had to do with jumps in length. Over the last four years, the distance increase on the PGA Tour has been negligible; in fact, this year, it was down a little bit. In terms of the way the game is played, though, we do have a couple of issues. We feel like there should be a bigger penalty when you hit the ball off the fairway than currently exists, and we’d like to see the groove configuration requirements changed.

The USGA must be pleased that the Commissioner is on message. I wonder if his position will change when the manufacturers make it clear they hate the grooves idea.

It will also be interesting to see he's as adamant about this position as Deane Beman was since some believe it cost Beman his job.