Lawrie Slimming Down To Prepare For Slew of "Whatever Happened To Paul Lawrie" Stories and Photo Shoots

Douglas Lowe shares far more than you ever wanted to know about the diet of the last European to win a major.

"I like my chocolate but haven't had any for six or seven weeks and nor have I had ice cream," he said proudly in Edinburgh having signed an extended agreement with sponsors Aberdeen Asset Management.

"My snacks are now fruit mid-morning and afternoon. It's been difficult but I think you have to make sacrifices if you are to get to the top of your game."
So that's why he fell of the face of the planet after winning at Carnoustie! 
A good diet has played its part, but the weight loss is also down to regular gym sessions under the instruction of Murray Carnie, a family friend who is PE teacher at Mintlaw Academy.

Ah going right to the top! What, the PE teacher at Hogwarts was too busy?

"I'm feeling fantastic and raring to go," said Lawrie, who returns to action next week in Thailand at the Johnnie Walker Classic in a bid to improve his standing in the world rankings at No.195, a far cry from his halcyon says of seven years ago when he was flying high as Colin Montgomerie's Ryder Cup partner.

He's 195th? Wow.