Clock Builders and Time Tellers

From Marty Parkes's USGA annual meeting blog, talking about Walter Driver's vision for the governing body of North American golf:

I found the most noteworthy part to be near the end.  He said it was crucial for non-profits like the USGA not to become “clock builders” and become too cozy and comfortable and “tell time” without accomplishing much.
Are you writing these metaphors down?
Instead, the trick is for an established organization like the USGA to “preserve the core but change the process.”  To put this concept simply, we need to remain absolutely dedicated to serving the needs of our game (the core) but be willing and able to change the way we operate (the process). 

 Wow, to have been there when Driver delivered this brilliance. I wonder if they gave the original copy of this historic address to Rand Jerris for storage in the museum archives?

That means adapting to things like new equipment technology for clubs and balls and using the Internet well...

Oh yeah right!