"The question stands: Tiger, are you listening?"

Garry Smits should be receiving a scolding lecture from one of Tiger's stenographers after this column suggesting that appearances in some other cities would only add to his credibility when talking about growing the game:
Woods has frequently said he wants to bring golf to kids and minorities. Wouldn't a great way be entering, just once per five years or so, Tour events he has never or rarely played? Wouldn't that be great for the charities of those events?

What if Woods played Tour events in Houston, Los Angeles and Tampa, cities with large African-American and Hispanic populations? What about the Zurich Classic and the shot in the arm he would give the New Orleans area?

Right now, the events with Woods in the field are healthy. Too many that don't get him are struggling.

Perhaps it's unfair to Woods that he makes or breaks events, but there it is.

The question stands: Tiger, are you listening?