PGA Tour v. LPGA Tour?

Ron Sirak suggests that the maneuvering between the LPGA and PGA Tour is unnecessary, but I say it's downright entertaining.

The LPGA may lack the star power of the PGA Tour (although, arguably, the latter's star power only goes as deep as Tiger Woods), but it presents a more compelling product than the Champions or Nationwide Tours. Determined to increase its exposure, the feisty LPGA has fought back by out-maneuvering the PGA Tour on a couple of fronts that have largely gone unnoticed.

The LPGA created the ADT Championship playoff model, and its $1 million first prize, last year before the FedEx Cup became the subtitle for the PGA Tour. And LPGA officials were clearly upset at the Golf 20/20 conference last October when the meeting to discuss ways to grow the game of golf morphed into a pep rally for the FedEx Cup, at the direction of the PGA Tour. LPGA commissioner Carolyn Bivens (pictured) was so angry she left and had to be talked into coming back for the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.

Hearing something like that makes it tough to make fun of The Brand Lady. Oh wait, she gives her annual press conference today at the Nabisco Championship. I spoke too soon!