Augusta Mayor Upset By Realistic Golf Magazine Portrayal Of City

Yes, hard to believe that Mayor Deke is upset, since this same story has been done about 15 times in the last decade.

But for some reason the current Golf Magazine piece rolled out for its readership of 6 million--yes, that's what the story says--carries some weight.

Golf Magazine is taking a swing at the city of Augusta, and it has some folks teed off.

"It gives a very misleading impression of our city," said Mayor Deke Copenhaver.

Mayor Deke Copenhaver is disgusted by the article, which calls the Garden City "a bargain-basement mosaic of strip malls, strip joints and unassuming houses."

"It's very inaccurate," Copenhaver said.

The article also calls Augusta and the National worlds apart, but says it's only "a short walk from Amen Corner to a Bud Light and beef jerky at the corner store."

(click to see the strip malls)
I know, where would anyone get that idea?

The problem with that article is that lots of people will see it. Golf Magazine has more than six million readers.

What, per decade?