A Few More Saturday Masters Clippings**

masterslogo.gifThanks to reader Tim for Thomas Boswell's rant about the lack of theatrics, which included this quote from Tiger that I didn't see anywhere else**:

Be aggressive? Here? On this golf course? Not in these conditions," Tiger Woods said Friday after his 73-74 -- 147 total left him just five shots behind co-leaders Brett Wetterich and Tim Clark at a humble, uninspiring 2 under par. "No, you just plod along. Try to put the ball in the right spot if you can. If you can't, somehow just don't have any wrecks out there."
Scott Michaux says we need to see another 36-holes before writing this off as a new look-U.S. Open style event. Oh I don't know Scott. The weather forecast was lousy for the weekend starting about Tuesday. The first 36 probably should have been a touch kinder with that forecast looming. They might have also played in 5 hours instead of 5:30!


Henrik Stenson is not a fan based on these comments as reported by Herb Gould in the Chicago Sun-Times (thanks to Hawkeye for spotting them).

'The course is ridiculous,'' he told the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. ''It feels like I'm walking around for five hours and someone is whipping me on the back. The only way to have fun on Augusta National is to play with your buddies and have a few beers.''

1875843_200.jpgAnd David Westin takes us inside the clubhouse for a tour of the club's amazing memorabilia collection.