1960 Masters Re-broadcast Live Blog

Here goes, I've seen it once and I'm already excited again. With apologies to the international audience... 

10:33 - Goose bumps again hearing Jim McKay set the stage.

10:35 - Was Venturi injured or did he always walk like that?

10:36 - Remarkable how shallow the 18th green's rightside bunker was. And didn't Legend Films do a great job with the color of the grass? Not to fertilized. And how do they get each mower stripe!? Amazing.

10:40 - I was just about to say that these guys sure play fast, then there's Venturi standing over that 1 footer forever.

10:44 - Arnold Palmer has come into the view of our cameras.   

10:46 - Arnie misses the downhiller on 15, a little slower than today's green. Needs one birdie to tie Venturi. I like his chances. Oh and don't forget your cigarette Arnie. Thanks for pointing that out Jim McArthur! 

10:49 - Arnold leaves the flag in the hole on 16 and his birdie putt bounces out. Isn't that against the rules? ;) Readers!?

10:52 - How good does that back bunker on 16 look? Fringy edge, nice shape. Ugh. 

10:53 - Sheesh, Arnold let out enough smoke on 17 to be spotted by a weather satellite. But a nice second shot, great chance at birdie. I feel it!

11:00 - Palmer drains the birdie on 17, leaps in the air and Billy Casper taps in before the crowd settles down.  Tied with Venturi.

11:02 - McKay takes over from McArthur. He's unbelievable! Amazing how he sets the stage.

11:03 - Note how huge 18 tee was! Big, beautiful, fairway like tee. 

11:05 - Art Wall with Jim McKay. Wake up Art! Why aren't you playing this year Art? Oh, sorry, sore subject. 

11:07 - Arnold's walking over to the right. Casper stops to talk to him. What could they be talking about?? 

11:08 - Arnold almost holes the approach. The ball spins hard left by the cup! McKay goes wild. 4-5 feet for birdie.  

11:09 - Lacey edged bunkers on 18 don't look so bad, do they?

11:10 - McKay notes that Arnold's looking at the scoreboard. He knows where he stands. Great wide shot of the scene, thank you Frank Chirkinian.

11:11 - Casper goes first and misses the two-footer. Thanks Billy, great image there for Arnold. 

11:12 - Arnold backs off the putt. He hears McKay, who is near the green announcing! 

11:13 - Arnold Palmer birdies 18 and wins the 1960 Masters...again! Big smile for the cameras. "Very cooperative" says McKay! Still exciting after all these years.

11:14 - Do we get another Villages ad now with Arnold hugging Nancy Lopez? Worse, a Flomax ad.

11:15 - Sam Snead finishes +4 after chipping in on 18. And who is the young guy with him. Jack Nicklaus, "the current national amateur champion at the age of 20. A big boy and a long hitter who you're going to be hearing a lot about in the future" according to McKay.

11:16 - We go to Clifford Roberts cabin. Cliff looks like he just found out he's broke! Venturi looks horrified, so Bobby Jones is going to relive his disappoints at previous Masters. Thanks Bob!

11:18 - "With Arnold out there you can never trust him. Now I'll never trust him." -Venturi

11:19 - Arnold's as "happy as he's ever been in his life." And sorry it had to be Ken who finished second. 

11:20 - How amazing is all of the color detail on faces and hair?

11:22 - Arnold says Casper encouraged him to go and make a birdie in their conversation on 18.

11:23 - Arnold thought it was wise to leave the pin in on 16. Sheesh, stubborn until the end! 

11:28 - Wow, second time I've seen it and I still get choked up. Alright, time for the other final round!