Things Are Going Well In Fresno

Avid Reader caught this local news story from Fresno where the PGA Tour is asking for tax dollars to supplement the purse of its new event there. Oh, and it sounds like they don't have a golf course to play yet! But otherwise the October 22-28 brainchild of the Commissioner is shaping up nicely.
Tuesday two council members asked that the city of Fresno pitch in $1.2 million to sponsor it.

The city council says 90 golfers have committed to coming to town for the tournament in October.

Monday night the City of Clovis pledged $24,000 for the tournament.

Council member Larry Westerlund says Fresno could see a $30 million economic impact from the event, a return That would far outweigh the investment.

The council admitted it's been hard to find sponsors since plans for the original location at Running Horse Golf Course began falling apart.

Council members are asking for a special meeting to address the $1.2 million pledge.