More Stu

I kept looking for Stu to sign online this afternoon to discuss the unbelievable antics at the Ginn, and boy is NBC's crew (producing for Golf Channel) getting off the hook without Golf World's intrepid man-of-all-media to scrutinize the inevitable free pass granted the LPGA Tour and Michelle Wie's posse despite their pathetic behavior.

Anyway, on the original post there are some really wonderful remembrances of Stu Schneider from some of golf's media heavyweights and also a nice blog post from Bob Carney over at who tantalizingly tells us that Stu was going to be involved in their future website plans. It's just not getting any easier thinking of all the great things we will lose with Stu's passing, from his friendship to his singular sense of humor and to his love of the sport. Though all of that pales compared to what his boys and Linda have lost.

For his friends in the media, hopefully we'll have some details soon on services and where flowers/contributions be sent.