"The Asian Tour is appalled with the European Tour's plans..."

Sheesh, I try to take a lunch break and the hits just keep on coming.

You may recall that George O'Grady mentioned the idea of the "other" tours joining forces and that was quickly shot down by the Asian Tour reps. And now this...

JUNE 11, 2007


The Asian Tour is appalled with the European Tour's plans to stage a tournament in India without the sanction of the Asian Tour next February. This move is clearly unethical and against the protocol that exists within the framework of the International Federation of PGA Tours, of which both the Tours are full members.

Despite media reports and quotes attributed to the European Tour, there has been no approach or communication to inform the Asian Tour about the event or its intentions.

Since the Asian Tour became a member of the International Federation of PGA Tours, all new events that the European Tour has been involved within Asia have been co-sanctioned with the Asian Tour.

Over the past decade, the Asian Tour has provided a strong platform for the success of India 's current crop of top players and the Asian Tour is fully committed to the growth of golf in India and Asia.

The Asian Tour fully respects and cooperates with the Indian Golf Union and was happy to step in to ensure the continuance of one of Asia's longest standing national Opens, the Hero Honda Indian Open, in 2005
when support was required.

The Asian Tour was also fully supportive of the formation of the Professional Golf Tour of India and is actively cooperating in the development of playing opportunities for Indian and the Asian Tour players.

However, with the latest developments, the Asian Tour disagrees with the unethical actions of the European Tour which has avoided contact with the Asian Tour whilst announcing this new event in India.

This action reflects on the European Tour's aggressive direction without any concern for the protocol of the International Federation of PGA Tours and highlights an invasive position on Asia.

Kyi Hla Han
Executive Chairman
Asian Tour

Well, not a lot of grey area in that statement!