"The baby will be born on July 11 to 12. It’s clear to me."

John Hopkins scores a rare one-on-one with Tim Finchem and asks him about...the Ryder Cup!?

JH Do you back the proposed change to four days and a later date?

TF I like the intensity and pressure of the Ryder Cup. It is pretty damn good. From that perspective I wouldn’t rush to change it. But the Ryder Cup is so big it isn’t going to hurt it to change it. If it created more presence in the marketplace it might be a good thing for golf. I wouldn’t chastise anybody for saying: “We’ve had it this way for a long time. Let’s leave it as it is.” It could go either way.

More presence in the marketplace. MBASpeak translation: starting the matches on Thursday.

This is fun...

JH Nick Faldo is alleged to have had a couple of his children induced so their birth would fit in with his schedule. Do you see Tiger doing the same to be able to play in the Open at Carnoustie from July 19 to 22?

TF I couldn’t speculate on that. If the baby is two weeks late it will be the week of the Open. That is not going to happen, so the baby will be born on July 11 to 12. It’s clear to me.

But he's not counting the days or really giving this childbirth much thought, is he?