Questions for David Fay

To those scribblers choosing to attend the USGA's annual Wednesday press conference (and please ladies and gents, no emails that you forgot to go like last year!), here are a few questions you might consider for USGA Executive Director David Fay.  I'm sure readers will chime in with a few (please, no bowtie jokes).

  • You were very involved in making sure that the Bethpage U.S. Open benefitted the state of New York with minimal cost increase to the regular Bethpage golfer, and that was viewed as a tremendous success in virtually all regards (well, there is Rees's bungling of the 18th hole...). In light of Tod Leonard's San Diego Union Tribune story detailing losses that the city of San Diego will incur and the inconvenience to local municipal golfers, do you feel that San Diego and its golfers have been treated fairly?
  • After USGA staff benefit cuts were announced, you recommended that staff members personally write to the Executive Committee to voice their displeasure. Did you voice concerns internally about these cuts, and why did you recommend the staff members do this, possibly risking alienation or retaliation?
  • What exactly does lobbyist Powell-Tate do for the USGA and the game of golf?

  • Why has the USGA ball study taken 5 years to this point and when do you think it will be concluded?
  • And with apologies to Colbert, Brian Cashman, great GM or the greatest GM?