Players React To Wie

The reactions are fairly consistent on Michelle Wie's WD, starting with tough remarks from Paula Creamer and Annika.

From Ron Sirak's piece:

Creamer, whose autograph was one of the most sought after last week, was one of those ill at ease about the Wie withdrawal. "I don't think the LPGA should ever get involved in something like that," Creamer said. "I think it's sad we have to do that. The LPGA shouldn't get involved with players on the golf course unless it is a ruling or something like that."

Annika, quoted by Chris Baldwin who is at Bulle Rock for this week's McDonald's LPGA:

"I just feel there's a little bit of lack of respect and class to just leave a tournament like that," Sorenstam said, pulling no punches in a half filled interview room. "Especially being the hostess, it just seems really weird."

Baldwin also talks to Laura Davies, who has a slightly different take.

"She obviously wasn't injured to the point where she couldn't keep playing," Davies told in an exclusive interview after her pro-am round at the McDonald's LPGA Championship Tuesday.

"She withdrew because she was getting close to not being allowed to play the rest of the year as I understand it. I think that decision was a good one too."

Yes, Davies - a 20-time LPGA Tour winner and 45-time international event winner - is convinced that Wie withdrew to skirt Rule 88, the provision that a non-LPGA member is bared from competing in another Tour event for a year if she cards an 88 or higher. But Davies is all right with that. In fact, if LPGA officials alerted Team Wie to that right before she walked off - as it appeared, Davies is completely onboard.

"As long as the LPGA Tour's all right with it and the Tour seems more than all right with it, as far as I'm concerned that's all that matters," Davies said.