"Moodie told me she heard Wie say, 'Ouch!'"

Grant Boone at PGA.com adds a few twists to last week's Wie WD saga. Frankly, I've lost track of the various stories these people have told...
Afterward, Wie denied the 88 rule had anything to do with her decision, but an LPGA spokesperson confirmed to me Wednesday morning that Nared did ask about the rule during Wie's round.
And here you thought he was on the phone to his astrologer!
There is growing suspicion -- if it hasn't already fully blossomed -- among LPGA players that Wie feigned injury to avoid the 88 rule and save herself for this week's major. But Janice Moodie isn't piling on. Moodie, a two-time LPGA winner and Solheim Cup stalwart from Scotland, turned 34 last Thursday and was paired with Wie in that ill-fated round. (Maybe all those LPGA officials had come out to sing Happy Birthday to Moodie.)

In a GMT exclusive -- seriously! -- Moodie told me she heard Wie say, "Ouch!" after hitting her tee shot on the first hole, which was the group's 10th of the day. Wie had said that was precisely when she began feeling the pain. "My caddie and I were the only ones who heard it," Moodie said. "She didn't swing as hard from that point on." As for Wie's purported petulance, Moodie added, "She was great to play with. Very friendly and respectful."
Now if we just knew which wrist. Meanwhile, Wie opened with a 73 at the LPGA Championship.