"Inside The Truck" Aims To Establish New Lowpoint In History of Televised

Ah, the media covering itself. And sending out a press release to tell us all about. Precious isn't it?

It's official. Non-Tiger events have become so boring that they have to resort to this...


Network’s Golf Coverage To Give Viewers Simultaneous Coverage of John Deere Classic with Live Behind the Scenes View of Production while Broadcasting Action on Course Saturday, July 14

Have you ever wondered just what it is like to try and cover over 100 golfers as they line up tee shots, chip shots and putts all at once while a director screams obscenity laced tirades into the announcer's headsets?

Oops, how did that last part get in there?!

In a rare look at how golf is produced, CBS Sports will give viewers a different perspective to its golf coverage by taking viewers behind the scenes at the JOHN DEERE CLASSIC with simultaneous coverage of the action occurring on the course, as well as “Inside the Truck.”

CBS Sports’ golf team led by Coordinating Producer Lance Barrow and Director Steve Milton will show the frenetic pace of broadcasting a PGA TOUR event by giving viewers a seat right next to them, their assorted caffeine-laced snacks and their team inside the broadcast truck at the JOHN DEERE CLASSIC at the TPC Deer Run in Silvis, Ill. during the Network’s third-round coverage on Saturday, July 14 (3:00-6:00 PM, ET). Viewers will be taken “Inside the Truck” between 4:00-5:00 PM, ET of CBS Sports’ third-round coverage. Because Barrow might actually eat four entire fried chickens as the round progresses, viewer discretion is advised.

Oops, I did it again! 

Live audio and camera coverage from the truck will air simultaneously in a box on the television screen, along with the coverage of the golfers on the course. Viewers will experience what CBS Sports’ announce team of Bill Macatee and Peter Oosterhuis in the 18th tower, Ian Baker-Finch on the 17th, Gary McCord on the 16th and Bobby Clampett on the course reporting, hear in their headsets as Barrow and his team produce and direct the Network’s coverage. Announcer Peter Kostis was given the week off to spare the viewing audience of Barrow's constant hand-holding and ego stroking.

Dangit, I just can't resist. I'll stop now.