What's Going On With Carnoustie's Third?

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I opened up Golf World's foldout map of Carnoustie (not posted online), only to find this comment from Brett Avery surprising:

The most significant changes, though, are at No. 3, which becomes a more pronounced dogleg right. One of Carnousties's trademarks, a bunker in the center of the fairway, was replaced by an island smothered by rough. But also pinching in the rough on both sides of the fairway, the R&A greatly restricts options off the tee; the impulse is to play over the island, which brings Jockie's Burn into play through the fairway. Driving the green requires crossing the burn as it curls in front of the putting surface. Although the burn should be dry during the Open, challenging it probably isn't worth the potential penalties considering the green's existing contours. 

I recall this being a wonderful hole, particularly as it appeared from the tee (though my memory is awful!).

Has anyone seen this R&A imposed design change?

Reducing options and a grassy mound in the center of the fairway do not exactly sound like the stuff of great design. 

You can launch the official Open Championship site's course tour (where the drawing above was taken from) here