"Bookies hope to shoot down Tiger"

A couple of stories detail the latest bets that can be placed on the Open Championship. Bob Fenton writes:

For those who think Tiger Woods might be blown away in the first two days, can have 9-1 that he does not start the third round for golfing reasons.
Now, I hate to be cynical, but I so rarely am. Therefore, I'm entitled. But, headlines and stories like the above which have been fairly common. The theme of these stories is that a Tiger win would be disastrous for the bookies. For some reason it makes me envision some naked bookie with an arrow pointed toward his rear end running out to distract Tiger as he attempts a birdie putt on 18 to win it all. Or to encourage some nut to tackle and injure him en route to his third round tee time.

My point: I'm glad betting on sports is illegal in America (outside of Las Vegas and Atlantic City). We have too many nutjobs who might read articles like this, place a bet and try to influence the outcome. In Great Britain, they just have stupid old racists who drink too much.

Anyway, I'm curious if anyone else gets the same vibe reading such stories.

On a lighter subject, Paul Lawrie and Monty are definitely going in different directions when it comes to the pre-tournament action:

Aberdonian Lawrie is back at Carnoustie - where he famously won the Claret Jug in 1999 - for The Open which starts on Thursday morning.

Lawrie is priced at 200-1 by bookmakers William Hill, and the biggest bet on him is only £25 each-way to be placed.

However bookmakers say a Montgomerie win at 25-1 would cost more than £1m.

William Hill spokesman Graham Sharp said: "Despite his failure to make the cut in the Scottish Open last week, Monty is the man the punters want to back for The Open and his have odds tumbled to 25-1 from 80-1.

"Every other bet seems to have his name on at the moment, and we will certainly be handing over a hefty seven-figure sum to punters should Monty manage to win.

"The biggest bet is £300 each-way at 80-1, but it's the volume of smaller bets. Monty is to The Open what Frankie Dettori is to the Derby."